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Remote Energy Work

How It Works: **read carefully**

This is a clearing of all negative energy and blockages between you and your person, as well as a clearing to remove the third party(s) that they're involved with. All energy work is conducted remotely. You will receive a notification when it is completed. Typically people feel a shift in their own energy within 24 hours of the energy work being conducted. Your person as well as anyone else involved in the clearing will feel a shift around the same time. Results in the 3D manifest fully within 14-30 days.This is remote work. You will not receive anything except for a notification when your clearing session is complete.

All you need to do is provide the name of you and your person as well as birth dates and the karmic name if applicable. You can send a little detail on your situation if you wish in the booking section but it is not required. It takes me about 30 minutes to complete each energy clearing session and I will send a notification when your session has been completed. This is delivered within 1-3 business days of booking.

Energy Clearing Is For You If:

- You still feel hurt, angry, heartbroken, etc towards your person

- You know that your person still has negative energy/thoughts/feelings towards you

- Your person has ghosted you or is ignoring you

- You are separated but want to be back together

- You want a third party removed from your connection

- You haven't been able to manifest a union because you know there are blockages

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